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Beauty of Aluminium Outdoor Furniture


          As I had said in a previous blog, outdoor furniture can come in different materials. Wicker, Wood, PVC, Iron, Aluminium, Bakelite to name a few. One of the standout materials ever used is Aluminium.

Cast   Aluminium is used widely now in the outdoor furniture. Molten Aluminium is filled into molds , be it of chair or table. In such furniture there are no joints, hence the strength of the furniture increases tremendously. Its weight to strength ratio is very high compared to Iron thereby making it most suitable metal for making outdoor chairs, sun loungers, gazebos, garden tables among others.

This is not the only advantage though. There are several other advantages.

1)      Does not rust : A very important aspect of any material used for outdoor furniture is it should withstand the elements and not get damaged. While iron had been used before , it had to be painted regularly to prevent rust.

2)      Easy maintenance : There is almost no maintenance on aluminium furniture. It has to be only dusted if needed.

3)      No sagging : Since it does not stretch it will not sag after a few years.

4)      Better than wood: Wood has the tendency to bend and crack when exposed to continuous heat. Wood needs to be cared with oil and polish.  Wood also tends to be heavier  than aluminium.

 On the downside Aluminium costs little more than Iron, but  considering the above advantages, it is worth the extra money. It is sure to give you many many years of good use and satisfaction of worthwhile investment.



Cleaning your Outdoor Furniture




In our last blog we spoke about what outdoor furniture is, its multi utilitarian potential, the different factors, such as natural elements, that go into deciding the right outdoor furnishing solution and the many materials that are used in making outdoor furniture.

Today, we shall discuss about taking care of your outdoor furniture to ensure its long life. Not to worry, since these are made keeping in mind the wide variety of nature’s elements , the most suitable  materials are used. But taking bit of care would retain the beauty for  a longer time.

Wicker :

This is a very popular material used in outdoor furniture. It is a synthetic  wire similar to cane and natural rattan.  Its wound on an iron or aluminium frame of different designs and colours. This material is easy to maintain. It can be hosed down with water . A mild brush and detergent could be used to clean it, if required. Some wickers require more attention as they have grooves that collect dust.

Wrought Iron:

This is a classic material for the outdoors. But  heavy and hard to lift. Care must be taken to prevent it from rusting. Apart that a general wash with water and soap will keep it going for ever.

Aluminium :

A replacement for wrought iron . Light and easy  but strong, aluminium has become very popular for outdoor furniture indeed.  With a dampened cloth wipe the furniture with mild detergent and rinse with water. Scuff marks can be removed using a multi purpose bathroom cleaner. Also, this metal doesn’t rust.


 Another synthetic fabric that’s extremely popular alternative to canvas. This material dries much faster since it doesn’t absorb  as much water.  To clean, just hose it down with water and with a soft brush and mild detergent, scrub to clean.  A trick is to let it absorb the soap for a while before rinsing.

I hope I have been able to answer some of your doubts .  We would be happy to hear from you . Please do mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




What is Outdoor Furniture?


          That’s a great  question. While it appears simple, you would be surprised about the number of times we are asked this question. Hence I thought, why not clarify what exactly Outdoor furniture is all about.

 It is all those types and varieties of furniture that can be kept outside, open to the natural elements.  It is a separate segment of furniture since one should not keep their home sofas and dining tables outside. The differentiation is in the materials used. Outdoor furniture typically are not made of regular products such as leather, foam and untreated wood. They are made of a variety of other products such as metal, rattan , wicker, plastic and special fabrics. Now we even get wood that is suitable to be exposed to the elements.

The sheer variety of materials used, evolving styles and utilities makes this one of the fastest growing segments in the furniture industry.  We have chairs , tables, sofa sets, bar sets, coffee tables , swings , sun beds/ loungers and umbrellas.  They come in a huge mix of materials, colours and styles to suit the specific requirements of each environment.  Similar to indoor furniture, aesthetics play an important role and the outdoor furniture has to blend with the surroundings. At the same time, an understanding of the natural elements in the area is needed before suitable suggestions can be offered. Factors such as sun intensity, wind velocity, dust potential and rain frequency are some of the basic points. Coastal areas have a high salt content in the air too. As you realise now, combining aesthetics , utility  with the practical reality of the environment is needed for a satisfying outdoor furniture solution.

One interesting aspect of outdoor furniture is that our range of out wicker chairs, garden furniture and the entire range can be utilised indoors as well. They are light and easy to move, have great aesthetic value and are comfortable. So you get a world of flexibility.  This breaks a popular misconception that outdoor furniture is rarely used. If planned properly, they can be of  great multi  - purpose use.

I hope you have grasped the concept of outdoor furniture and are in a better position to understand and articulate your specific requirements when selecting furniture for the outdoors. 


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