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Home Blog What is Outdoor Furniture?

What is Outdoor Furniture?


          That’s a great  question. While it appears simple, you would be surprised about the number of times we are asked this question. Hence I thought, why not clarify what exactly Outdoor furniture is all about.

 It is all those types and varieties of furniture that can be kept outside, open to the natural elements.  It is a separate segment of furniture since one should not keep their home sofas and dining tables outside. The differentiation is in the materials used. Outdoor furniture typically are not made of regular products such as leather, foam and untreated wood. They are made of a variety of other products such as metal, rattan , wicker, plastic and special fabrics. Now we even get wood that is suitable to be exposed to the elements.

The sheer variety of materials used, evolving styles and utilities makes this one of the fastest growing segments in the furniture industry.  We have chairs , tables, sofa sets, bar sets, coffee tables , swings , sun beds/ loungers and umbrellas.  They come in a huge mix of materials, colours and styles to suit the specific requirements of each environment.  Similar to indoor furniture, aesthetics play an important role and the outdoor furniture has to blend with the surroundings. At the same time, an understanding of the natural elements in the area is needed before suitable suggestions can be offered. Factors such as sun intensity, wind velocity, dust potential and rain frequency are some of the basic points. Coastal areas have a high salt content in the air too. As you realise now, combining aesthetics , utility  with the practical reality of the environment is needed for a satisfying outdoor furniture solution.

One interesting aspect of outdoor furniture is that our range of out wicker chairs, garden furniture and the entire range can be utilised indoors as well. They are light and easy to move, have great aesthetic value and are comfortable. So you get a world of flexibility.  This breaks a popular misconception that outdoor furniture is rarely used. If planned properly, they can be of  great multi  - purpose use.

I hope you have grasped the concept of outdoor furniture and are in a better position to understand and articulate your specific requirements when selecting furniture for the outdoors. 


Home Blog What is Outdoor Furniture?

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